Lista Programelor Open Source (gratis)

The following is a list of some of the thousands of useful open source programs that exist today. We have selected the following as some of the most popular and most useful, however there are many more to be found on the internet should you need something that is not found here.

We have copies of most of the software listed here, so if you would like to have the file without taking the time to download it, you can visit our Valul III Information Center in the village of Razeni.

  1. Office:
    1. OpenOffice (
      A free alternative to Microsoft’s Office suite.
  2. Internet:

    1. WWW:
      1. Firefox (
        A free web browser created by the Mozilla foundation.
      2. Netscape Navigator* (
        A free web browser created by the Netscape corporation.
      3. Opera* (
        Another free browser alternative.
    2. E-mail:
      1. Web-based*:
      2. The following websites offer free e-mail services. To create an account, visit the web site. When you want to access your e-mail, visit the site again, using the same login-name and password you created upon your initial visit.

      3. Thunderbird (
        A program that allows the user to access his/her email without logging into the website. Only works if the website permits it, and typically requires some configuration, which is assisted by the website.
  3. Chat:
    1. Miranda IM (
      This program will work with all of the major chat programs (AIM, IRC, ICQ, Yahoo! and MSN), saving you the hassle of installing multiple programs.
    2. AIM (AOL Instant Messenger)* (
      AOL Corporation’s program for text conversations with friends or colleagues on the internet.
    3. Gaim (AIM) (
      An open-source alternative to AIM. Works and looks similarly.
    4. Yahoo! Messenger* (
      Messenger program created by the Yahoo! Corporation.
    5. MSN Messenger* (this program is included with Windows)
      Similar to AIM and Yahoo! But created by Microsoft.
    6. mIRC* (
      A program for internet chatrooms, using the IRC protocol.
    7. ICQ* (
      Another program similar to AIM, Yahoo!, MSN Messenger.
    8. NOTE: AIM, Yahoo, MSN, mIRC, ICQ, etc are not cross-compatible. If you are using AIM and your friend is using Yahoo, you will not be able to communicate. However, it is possible to switch to Yahoo, or to use both at the same time, to talk to friends who use different programs.

  4. File-transfer:
    1. FileZilla ( protocols: FTP
      A program for file-transfer with the FTP protocol.
    2. WinSCP ( protocols: SFTP, SCP
      A program for file-transfer with the SFTP and SCP protocols.
  5. Anti-Virus:
    1. AVG Anti-Virus Free* (
      A fully-functional anti-virus program with real-time and manual scanning options, and automatic updates (when internet is connected). Russian available, but not for free.
    2. ClamWin Anti-Virus (
      An anti-virus program with manual scanning and automatic updates (when internet is connected), but does not include real-time scanning. However, Russian language is available for free.
  6. Anti-Spyware:
    1. AVG Anti-Spyware Free* (
      A real-time antispyware program created by the Grisoft corporation.
    2. Windows Defender (
      A real-time spyware protection program that is created and maintained by Microsoft. We are not able to keep a copy of this on file because a Windows validation is required for each download.
  7. Multimedia:
    1. Video:
      1. Media Player Classic (
        One of the more popular open source video players.
      2. VLC Media Player (
        This program handles both video and audio (music) files.
    2. Audio:
      1. WinAmp* (
        One of the most popular computer music players.
      2. VLC Media Player (
        This program handles both video and audio (music) files.
  8. Data-encryption:
    1. TrueCrypt (
      A program for securely or secretly storing information on your hard drive.
  9. Data-removal:

      Eraser (
      Program that securely and completely removes specific data or erases an entire disk.

  10. Password Manager:
    1. KeePASS (
      If you have many different passwords (chat, email, etc), this program helps keep track of them.
  11. Image Editing:
    1. GIMP (
      A free alternative to Adobe’s Photoshop. Offers a wide variety of advanced image editing tools.
  12. Web/Text Editing:
    1. CrimsonEditor* (
      A text editor with special functionality for programming languages such as HTML.
    2. Nvu (
      A program to build webpages without needing to know programming languages such as HTML. Only produces web page files, so you’ll need to find your own place on the internet to put the files you create with Nvu.
  13. * – program is free but not open source.

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  1. That’s a good quick resource to them all. Thanx for that.
    Davin Ogden

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