Eco-Răzeni organizează în august o Tabără internaţională de lucru social

ERZ01 Razeni 15.08 – 20.08.2008 ENVI | SOCI STUDY
Volunteers: 15 (12 international, 3 national)

Languages: English, Romanian, Russian
Project: „Eco-Razeni” is the name of a small organisation running a youth centre at Razeni, 35 km south of Chisinau. The village comprises a public park, which in recent years has been neglected, people cutting down trees and scattering litter. The project aims to reclaim the park as a public space for relaxing in nature and for hosting community events in the future.
Work: Cleaning and fencing of the park territory, setting up of waste-bins and benches. As the park will disappear if further neglected, informing the public will be an important activity.
Study & Leisure time: Volunteers will spend the early evenings acquainting themselves with rural life and traditions, with particular emphasis on the situation of youth. At the end of the camp, a celebration will be organised at the park, raising public awareness. Excursions and participation in the national Independence Day in Chisinau, the state capital, will acquaint the volunteers with Moldovan history and culture. Volunteers are encouraged to bring information about their own countries, photos, music, games, etc. Participants are asked to contribute 10 Euro towards the costs of organizing, which is to be paid upon arrival.
Accommodation: All participants will be accommodated in a building close to the park in the village. Meals will be prepared by groups of 3 participants each day.
Motivation form required: All volunteers are asked to write a short text about their interest in this project and their expectations. Age 21-42. Applications of people above this age are welcome.

„Eco-Razeni” was established in 1999 by students from a village south of Chisinau, wishing to improve the conditions especially of young people, the prime victims of the economic decline following the end of the Soviet Union. There is large emigration, poverty, and a high level of unemployment in the community. The NGO has from the start worked in various areas, stretching from environmental-based initiatives to the running of seminars and computer courses. Since 2007 the organisation has its own office, situated in the basement of the local school, including rooms for seminars and presentations. The target groups of the information centre are young citizens of the Razeni village – almost 1500 children and youth, including young families and youngsters with few opportunities; the total population of the village currently comprises 7000 inhabitants, of which youths between 14 and 28 years of age comprise roughly 2500. The centre aims to provide information and to develop professional skills, at the same time it wants to be a place for using the spare time of youth in a positive kind of way. In the future the centre wants to assist members of the youth community to find and create working possibilities locally; Razeni having a strong agricultural base with an agricultural store in the centre of the village. Additionally, each day, approximately 30 children and youth visit the centre. In the future a library is being planed, with books ranging from Human rights, prevention of human trafficking, sexually transmitted infections to family planning, periodicals, etc. „Eco-Razeni” has 21 volunteers (age between 14 – 18 ) who are engaged in community work and hold seminars regarding problems and youth in the community.

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