Tabără internaţională de lucru social la Răzeni, Ediţia II

În perioada 16 – 30 august 2010, Asociaţia obştească „Eco-Răzeni” organizează Tabăra internaţională de lucru social (International Workcamp ERZ2010). Mai jos, vă propunem să citiţi cîteva impresii ale participanţilor:

„The non-profit association „Eco-Razeni”, among other projects, annually organises international workcamps for young volunteers in the village Razeni, close to Chisinau.
This year’s workcamp is composed of 5 volunteers from Spain, Slowakia, the Czech Republic and Germany team-working with American volunteers from the American Peace Corps.
Sounds interesting? It is, and how! Living in a traditional Moldovian farmhouse our daily routine includes the cleaning of a public park, street works as well as work for the local cultural center. After work we enjoy typical Moldovian meals, house-made wines and go on trips to local sights or to the Capital Chisinau.
The work is varied, the people are fun and the food is even better! In my opinion the workcamp is the perfect basis for getting to know this largely unknown country and it’s people, as well as other young people from all over the world!”
– Max Knospe, Germany –

„I like volunteering in projects and activities which promote social welfare, nature conservation and sustainable development. This work is a pleasant alternative to sitting in front of the computer (studying), and it gives me a good feeling, both mentally and physically. Although I have never been a „hardcore volunteer“ I always liked to spend part of my free time doing something constructive and helpful for others, especially there where help is urgently needed.
Under these circumstances volunteering and community service in a developing country is an enormously valuable experience for me, and I am happy and grateful to have the chance of supporting the organization Eco-Razeni and getting to know the community of Razeni.
Furthermore, I am interested in learning about the Republic of Moldova: its people, its nature, its culture, its traditions, its problems and its strengths and unique features. As Moldova is one of the least known European countries in Germany it has always evoked my imagination and fantasy.
In the face of this my volunteering at the Eco-Razeni workcamp provides a special chance for me to learn about Moldova and its identity while being able to help a Moldovan community with practical tasks (cleaning of a park, painting of curbstones, removing debris etc).”
– Daniel Jestrzemski, Germany –

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