Korea World IT Volunteers in Moldova

img_8625We were dispatched in Razeni, Moldova since 5.7.2013 until 28.8.2013 as the World friends IT volunteer team of KIV. We had been proceeding to class about IT and Culture activity in Eco-Razeni, regional organization.

We have four classes. IT part is divided into two classes. A Course & B Course. Culture part is also divided into two classes. The Parts of Culture Class are Cultural Activity class and Korean language Class. Students’ ages vary. Teachers, elementary students, high school students. Every day, we are educated to the people about 10-15 in Razeni. This is our timetable.








IT A course

IT B course

IT A course

IT B course

IT A course


Culture Activity

Korean language

Culture Activity

Korean language

IT A Course learns about MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and Internet Use (Google Applications, Prize). IT B Course learns about Photoshop and Illustrator. Using our photos in class, we are practicing Photoshop’s tools. Culture Activity had a lot of time such as Making Korean Traditional House, Flying Korean Kite, Watching Korea Movie and Playing Korean Play. And we will learn about K-pop Dance, making Korean food and so on. Korean language class learns about how to write “Han-gel” and how to speak “Han-gel”. So we sing k-pop music every class, and “K-pop” has made the students familiar with the Hangul.

When we came here in Moldova, we tried to eat placinte at first time, it was different type of taste for us, and I mean it was delicious. And then at second time, we ate brinza it’s like a little bit salty, but it was also good. We heard that it made of sheep milk.

We knew many Moldovans love it. If we also live here for a long time, maybe we will love it, too. And, most important, we can’t forget that Moldovan wine, actually, we think that homemade wine is the most delicious wine ever we tasted. After we tried it, we couldn’t imagine we will drink another wines. Maybe we will bring some Moldovan wine, when we going back to our country. Because in Korea that wine cost will be more expensive than here. We thought Moldovan wine factories are real tourist destinations with underground tunnels and amazing wine cellars. There, we could try remarkable wines that have won multiple international awards. When we visited to the Milestii Mici winery, we really surprised how they can make beautiful place. We saw many different type of wines stored underground. And it was founded in 1969 years. And in August 2005, it registered in the Guinness World records as the biggest wine collection in the world us really proud of it. It was really fantastic ever we visited.

img_8657We really hope we will visit Moldova again. Our favorite Moldovan food is bors, filled with vegetables from the garden – carrots, potatoes, onion, parsley – a pot of soup sits on our stove all day, every day. How can we eat bors in Korea again? We have to learn how to cook bors and then we want to show our family and our friends. Our host mother cook bors very well. So we really appreciate it. We miss Moldovan national dishes.

In Razeni, I was impressive that people live with nature friendly life . We couldn’t imagine that walking cow on the street in Korea. But it was real in Razeni. It was culture shock for us! With natural environment, I think that Razeni people live with nature friendly life. People save water, throw away dirty water carefully and share their food with animals.

And there was many cultural differences. It makes us excite or annoy. But Razeni life is good. Because we met many nice people. Razeni people are very kind. For example, I went to go to pharmacy. And I bought some medicine. So, the pharmacist gave me grapes for free to my health. I was touched because of her behavior. Except from this thing, there are many examples. We are very thank to Razeni people, Eco-Razeni people, family. And I hope we will become good friends.

During last 1 month volunteer period, thanks to many kindly people, We could learned about many things and also experienced to Moldovan culture and life. We hope that we will be a helpful people to our neighbor, Moldovan and Razeni region people, until we will leave here. After We will go back to our country, we will steadily introduce about Moldova to Korea people, in order to continually IT and Culture exchange between Moldova and Korea.

Kim Kijae, Lee Hoon, Park Sumi, Kim Mina

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