Request for offers on conducting financial audit of the project implemented by Eco-Razeni Association

Volkshilfe Solidarität (VHSol), Auerspergstrasse 4, 1010 Vienna, and

Eco-Răzeni, Ştefan cel Mare 49/1b, sat. Răzeni, MD 7728, r. Ialoveni

invite you

to submit an offer for the implementation of financial audit

for the project „Perspectives for young people with disabilities in Moldova through vocational and life skills training” („FdCTraining”).

  1. Key data
Project location: Moldova, Răzeni
Project duration: 01.08.2016 – 31.07.2017
Project funded by: Donor 1: City of Vienna, Europe and International Affairs Department

Donor 2: Volkshilfe Solidarity

Donor 3: Eco-Răzeni

Project implemented by: Eco-Răzeni Association
Contact person: Mr. Sergiu Gurău, President Eco-Răzeni

T: +373 (796) 41243, E:

  1. Project objectives

Overall objective:

To contribute to enhanced living conditions of young people with disabilities in the Republic of Moldova.

Specific objectives:

SO.1: To support young people with disabilities being included into society and the job market.

SO.2: To increase awareness amongst decision makers and opinion leaders in Moldova on the situation of young people with disabilities.


Activity 1         Inception phase (August 2016)

Activity 2         Training of young people with disabilities (August 2016 – June 2017)

Activity 2.1           Selection of trainees for training 1 (August 2016)

Activity 2.2           Implementation of training 1 (September – December 2016)

Activity 2.3           Selection of trainees for training 2 (January 2017)

Activity 2.4           Implementation of training 2 (February – May 2017)

Activity 2.5           Job placement (September 2016 – June 2017)

Activity 3         Awareness raising event (June 2017)

Activity 4         Visibility / PR (September 2016 – June 2017)

Activity 5         Finalisation phase (July 2017)

  1. Work description

The above-mentioned project requires auditing for its entire project duration.

The audit includes all expenses disbursed by Eco-Răzeni in Moldova within the project duration.

The assignment covers all expenses funded by City of Vienna as well as VHSol.

Total project budget: € 23.509 (€ 22.214 for expenses of Eco-Razeni)

Financing through City of Vienna: € 20.000

Financing through VHSol: € 3.009

Financing through Eco-Răzeni: € 500

Structure of expenses disbursed by Eco-Răzeni in Moldova:

Nr. Type of expenses Amount, EUR
1 Local staff (3 pers.* 12 months) 12,204.00
2 Local travel (fuel) 100.00
3 Local administrative costs (communication, office supplies, equipment, bank charges, etc.) 1,320.00
4 Training costs (office supplies, equipment, 12 trainee’s stipends, house rental, etc.) 8,040.00
5 Awareness costs (catering, handout) 550.00
  Total 22,214.00


  1. The subject of the financial audit according the project financing contract is:

1) Verifying the regularity of the accounts on the basis of original documents (including contracts, records of the services rendered, invoices, supporting documents);

2) Stamp of the original documents with the text „Paid by City of Vienna” on all invoices and payment documents;

3) Verifying the efficiency, plausibility and appropriateness of project expenditures;

4) Examination of the activity and time records of the experts involved;

5) Check the attributability of the costs incurred to the items / cost categories of the project budget: personnel, travel expenses and other expenses (e.g., rent, consumables, operating costs, etc.);

6) Examination of expenditure and revenue, possible double financing and the total project output;

7) Audit of financial flows (project-related payments: Volkshilfe Solidarität – Eco-Răzeni, original invoices, payment documents, bank statements etc., a copy of the contract between Volkshilfe Solidarität and Eco-Răzeni you can find here);

8) Confirmation of the proper reproduction of expenditure on the bank accounts of the „Eco-Răzeni” on the basis of original documents;

9) Verifying the plausibility of the conversion rates EUR/MDL according to the commercial bank;

10) Confirmation of all inputs in foreign currency to the bank accounts of Eco-Răzeni on hand-held statements and bank statements as well as confirmation of proper reproduction in the accounts according to legal regulations on accounting in the Republic of Moldova.

  1. Implementation of audit and audit report:

1) The audit report is to be issued in German and Romanian.

2) The audit will take place on the premises of Eco-Răzeni and includes auditing all original receipts/ invoices.

3) Eco-Răzeni is obliged to provide all information and documents necessary for the implementation of the audit.

4) The audit shall start latest on 18.08.2017 and is to be finished within 14 calendar days.

5) A draft audit report is to be provided within further 14 calendar days as an electronic version per email to the contracting body.

6) Open questions can be clarified within 14 calendar days from the day of submitting the draft audit report. Within those 14 calendar days the final version of the audit report is to be finalised and provided to the contracting body in 3 stamped and signed originals (hardcopy in German and Romanian), as well as electronically.

7) The audit report should clearly indicate the general audit opinion, details on the audit methodology and audit purpose. The financial information contained in the report of the Auditor is to be expressed in EUR.

8) Additional details about content and structure of Auditor’s financial review report:

  • Name of organisation and the project audited;
  • Brief description of relevant information on the Organisation (history, management, accounting system, internal control system, activities unrelated to the project if relevant, etc.);
  • Period covered by the financial review;
  • Date and place of review, name of audit company, auditor’s name, surname and position, license details;
  • Description of findings on financial information subject to the review according to paragraph 4 above;
  • A detailed comprehensive list of single expenditures / invoices / receipts / cash payments or reconciliation list of bookkeeping;
  • Statement of Expenditures (expenditures incurred during the period for which the audit takes place);
  • Description of procurement procedures (if applicable);
  • Statement of Receipts (funds received by the donors, funds received by third party as contributions to the project);
  • Budget comparison of the project based on budget items;
  • Comments with regard to adherence to grant agreement.

9) In addition to the audit report, the auditors will prepare a Management Letter which will include:

  • Control outcomes;
  • Recommendations of the auditor on dealing with the identified deficiencies (recommendations shall be presented in a priority order);
  • Report on the implementation status of recommendations pertaining to previous period audit reports;
  • Report on the compliance of all financial obligations;
  • Proposals and recommendations on improving internal policies;
  • Warnings about any other issues that are considered important and relevant.
  1. Offer

6.1 Content of offers

The offer has to – at least – include (in English or Romanian):

0) A short description of the auditing company (date of establishment, number of employees and their positions, focus, contact details, etc.);

1) Price of the service in EUR: Total price (lump-sum) for all services necessary to fulfil the required services, including all taxes and fees (VAT, if applicable, shall be displayed separately);

2) A detailed time schedule for the duration of the services’ implementation: Dates for the start, the duration and the finalisation of the actual audit as well as for the elaboration and the submission of the draft of the audit report and the final version of the audit report;

3) Experience in auditing:

a) General references: Specification of at least 5 reference services which were finalised as ordered within the last 3 years (from the date of having received this tender), specification of the contracting body/ client and the contract value as well as the concrete subject-matter of the audit;

b) References of non-governmental („NGO”) or non-profit-making („NPO”) organisations: Specification of the contracting organisation, of the contract value as well as the concrete subject-matter of the audit;

c) Specification of qualifications and experience of employees foreseen for the audit: Name, including CV;

d) Confirmation of applying internationally acknowledged auditing standards which are also applied as national Moldovan auditing standards (ISA, IAASB).

4) License for the audit activity (copy);

5) The labor and social legislation of Moldova is to be adhered to. The offer has to include a respective notation as otherwise the offer cannot be considered within the framework of the acceptance of tender.

6.2 Deadline for submission of quotations / offers

1) Deadline for submission of quotations: The offer has to arrive at Eco-Răzeni (contact details see below) within 14 calendar days from the date on which the tender was sent.

2) Offers missing this deadline cannot be considered and will be rejected.

3) The offer has to be signed legally valid and has to be sent in a sealed envelope with the notation „Audit Offer FdCTraining” to the below stated contact person, either by mail or personally within above mentioned deadline for submission of quotations.

4) Submitted offers remain valid 30 days after the deadline for submission of quotations and bind the tenderers for this duration to their offers.

5) The offers have to be submitted to:

  • Eco-Răzeni, Mr. Sergiu Gurau, Ştefan cel Mare 49/1b, sat. Răzeni, MD 7728, r. Ialoveni, or
  • Eco-Răzeni, Mr. Sergiu Gurau, ecorazeni@gmail,com

6) Available for questions is:

Mr. Sergiu Gurau

Eco-Răzeni, Ştefan cel Mare 49/1b, sat. Răzeni, MD 7728, r. Ialoveni

Email: sergiu.gurau@gmail,com

T: +373 796 41243

Ms. Julia Webinger

Volkshilfe Solidarität, Auerspergstraße 4, 1010 Vienna


T: +43 (0) 676 83 402 227

 6.3 Criteria for the calculation of the best offer (award criteria)

The criteria consist of items 1), 2) and 3) a), b) and c) as stated in section 4.1.

Missing, incomplete or false information referring to the criteria stated in section 4.1 lead to the rejection of the respective offer.

 6.4 Assessment/ rating of the criteria

The stated criteria will be assessed and ranked as follows: Award criteria Rating in %
1) Price of the offered services 50
2) Time frame for the implementation of the assignment (assessed in days) 10
3) Experience in auditing:
a) General references 10
b) References of NGOs and NPOs 10
c) Qualifications and experience of employees foreseen for the audit 20
Maximum achievable score 100
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